That Riffa Views International School we believe that all students should be exposed to and participate in the Fine Arts. We believe in the development of the whole student and feel that a solid grounding in the Fine Arts will enrich students not only during their life in school but in whatever endeavors they choose to become involved in later on in their life. With this in mind the school has been designed to provide students the facilities they need to excel in whatever area of the arts they choose. These facilities include: an aerobics dance studio with the sprung wood floor, purpose built visual art rooms, a large purpose built band room, a purpose built vocal music room, a drama room, presentation room and a combination performance space/cafeteria. In addition to our curricular Fine Arts programs students have a wide range of choice choices available to them to become involved in the arts in the afterschool activities program. Riffa Views International School is truly a place where students are encouraged to become involved in the Fine Arts in an overall program that supports and believes in the role that Fine Arts plays in the development of well-rounded human beingss.