Professional Learning for Student Learning

RVIS strives to improve student learning by supporting quality teaching. The school’s professional growth process focuses on each individual teacher's professional development. In this process teachers assess and reflect on their own practice, set goals and develop professional growth plans.  Teachers work on their plans within a supportive professional learning community. Integral to the process is viewing professional practice through the four domains of the Danielson Framework for Teaching.

The Framework for Teaching

Domain 1 - Planning and Preparation
Domain 2 - The Classroom Environment
Domain 3 - Classroom Instruction
Domain 4 - Professional Responsibilities

Purposes of the System


Provide constructive feedback to individual teachers

Recognize and reinforce good practice
Provide direction for professional development
Provide evidence of the professional qualities of teachers
Aid in articulating areas of need or concern
Unify teachers and administrators in their collective efforts to educate students  

General Procedures


Teacher self-assessment

Teacher developed individual professional growth plans
Time lines for professional growth activities
Informal classroom observation (peer to peer and admin-teacher)
Structured professional conversations

Professional Development Opportunities

RVIS encourages faculty to develop new skills in current best practices in American education and to keep themselves up-to-date in their field of expertise. Attendance at relevant professional conferences is supported and encouraged. An amount of US$1,000 per school year is available per employee to pursue professional development opportunities. Up to US$1,000 of a teacher’s professional development fund may be carried forward to the next contract year. At the start of any contract year, the accumulated amount may not exceed US$2,000. In addition to these individual funds, each year RVIS also brings in leading experts in relevant fields of education to provide in-sevice on our campus for our faculty.  We believe that our faculty is the key determinent to the quality of our program and our most valuable asset.  As a faculty member at RVIS you can expect to be working in an environment in which life long professional growth is supported by the administration and a norm within the facultyy.