RVIS has made a commitment to providing students with the best available 21st Century technologies to support the educational program, and strives to be a regional and global leader in this areaa.

Resources include:

1:1 wireless laptop program from Grade 1 and up

4 computers in each K and pre K classroom

Projector and Smartboard in every classroom

Digital camera in every classroom

Class sets of digital cameras and video cameras

A range of age-appropriate curriculum and productivity software

RVIS teachers are strongly committed to enhancing their program through technology, and professional development is ongoing. As a faculty member at RVIS you can expect to have cutting edge technology resources available to you in your classroom.  We believe that that when technology is used appropriately it is not an addon to the regular program but an  integral tool that is transformative in the way in which  teachers teach and students learn.  Our faculty is committed to utilizing technology to facilitate the learning process and to ensure that RVIS students aquire the skills they need to be fully functioning participants in the digital world.  As an RVIS teacher you will have access to the best technology available and will be actively engaged in acquiring the skills  and methodologies to effectively use it in your classroomm.