Learning Focused Collaboration

Our community exists to meet the needs of our student learners:

350 students
Ages 3-17
From 22 countries
Speak multiple languages other than English
Are diverse
Are highly individual

Our mission is to:
Promote the academic potential, and the aesthetic, physical, and social development of every student
Engage and assist students to become intellectually adept, technologically proficient, and ethical contributors to a global society

Our teachers therefore:

Are enthusiastic and compassionate

Use research and current best practices to  inform their work
Ensure that learning activities and assignments are appropriate to students, and that all students are engaged in learning
Ensure that students are fully aware of the criteria and performance standards by which their work will be evaluated
Provide frequent opportunities for students to assess and monitor the quality of their own work against the assessment criteria and performance standards
Successfully accommodate students’ questions or interests
Are friendly and demonstrate general caring and respect  
Ensure their interactions are appropriate to the age and cultures of the students  
Convey genuine enthusiasm for the subject, and demonstrate consistent commitment to its value  
Convey high expectations for students to achieve the intended instructional outcomes, activities and assignments, and classroom interactions  
Insist on work of high quality and promote student pride in that work  
Maintain a safe and orderly classroom environment  

As a group we: 

Demonstrate knowledge of content and pedagogy


 Set instructional outcomes that represent high expectations and rigor and important learning in the discipline – that are connected to a sequence of learning

 Understand of the typical developmental characteristics of the age group, as well as exceptions to the general patterns  
 Recognize the value of understanding students’ interests and cultural heritage and displays this knowledge for groups of students  
 Collaborate to design lessons, units and courses according to shared principles of curriculum  
 Ensure assessment criteria and standards are clear  
Use formative assessment to guide learning, and summative assessment to evaluate it  
Use assessment results to plan future instruction for groups of ­students  
Communicate with families about students’ progress on a regular basis, respecting cultural norms, and are available as needed to respond to family concerns  
Exhibit mutual support and cooperation in our relationships with each other  
Actively participate in a culture of professional inquiry  
Seek out opportunities for professional development to enhance content knowledge and pedagogical skill  

 Our learning community is characterized by: 

 Compelling purpose, clear standards, and academic focus

 Collective efficacy and shared responsibility for student learning
 Collaborative culture
 Communal application of effective teaching practices, and deprivatized practice
 Relational trust in one another, in students, and in parents
 Individual and group learningg