TEACHING VACANCIES for the remainder of 2017-2018:

We are currently looking for the following teaching position to start immediately and continue until the end of this academic year:

Part Time Female PE Teacher 



We regularly are in need of substitute paras; therefore if you are interested in this role and have the necessary qualifications, please send in your CV to






We are currently looking for the following teaching position for the next academic year of 2018 - 2019:

Elementary Classroom Teacher

Middle School Math Teacher

If you are interested in applying to RVIS for either of the above positions, please send in your CV with copies of the relevant degrees and an accompanying letter to

Minimum Qualifications for Teachers:   

1)    BA degree or higher and valid teaching certification
2)    Excellent Communication skills, able to engage students and adults alike
3)    Technology Literate and able to integrate technology into the work done by students
4)    Minimum of two years relevant teaching experience

Please send all required details to:-

The teacher provides a positive, caring environment conducive for the learning and development of the agreed upon skills and topics appropriate for their subject and grade level for each student. The teacher is a positive role model and sets an example of high moral, ethical and professional standards. The teacher works to achieve the school’s mission and goals, communicates on a professional level, and maintains appropriate collegial relationships.

Preferred RVIS applicants must be in possession of either a current U.S. or Canadian teaching certificate, an education degree (BA or higher), plus a minimum of 2 years recent and full-time teaching experience in a North American curriculum K-12 school. Applicants should be certified to teach in the position in which they are applying and have had recent experience in the grade/subject for which they are applying. Strong candidates with other teaching certifications will also be considered. Applicants must be technology literate and have the willingness to participate in after-school co-curricular activities.

General Information

Overseas Hire teaching and administrative positions at RVIS include full salary and benefits, accommodation, airfare and sponsorship. Please see Salary and Benefits for Overseas Hire Teachers.

Local Hire teaching and and administrative positions are only offered to applicants already residing in Bahrain. Sponsorship is provided for these positions. Please see Salary and Benefits for Local Hire Teachers.

The annual contract for most teaching positions will be 187 working days. Working hours are from 7:45 am to 3:30 pm, Sunday through Thursday. The employee will receive all school, government and summer holidays off as per their contract agreement.

If you are interested in teaching at RVIS but your area of expertise is not currently shown as vacant, you may still submit your application packet which we will keep on file should a suitable position open in the near future.